We are building for the future.

In many ways, your home can be considered as being an expression of your personality. Your home is uniquely yours, a place to be proud of, to entertain, to spend quality relaxing time within. At Bidel Group, our emphasis in the construction and design work that we do is to get you personally involved in the development of your project with us to the greatest extent possible. At Bidel Group, we make YOU the designer.

If your home is to be a reflection of yourself, then it only makes sense that you have as much input as possible. Throughout the duration of a construction project which you embark on with us, we regularly conference with you, providing updates on the progress of the development along with more intuitive suggestions and solutions as the work progresses. Together, you and our professional design team can bring your vision of home to life.

We have a reputation within the construction industry for having acute attention to detail, and for harmoniously creating a balance between functionality, design and comfort in our constructions. Our construction and design team is experienced and highly organised, having the capacity to deal with projects of all magnitudes, from complex strata developments to simple residential designs. We additionally provide a wide range of interior design and renovation services, including bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, living room renovations, and much more.

At Bidel Group, we can provide a broad range of construction and design services for all applications. When you deal with us, you are dealing with a team which has the experience and ability to supply a combined construction and design service – Highly organised every step of the way, we are able to provide concise cost analyses, present ideas through sophisticated media in presentations, and create an environment where you are the boss, and get the last say.

For any information regarding the construction and design services which we provide, get in touch with us at Devel Design and Construction – Part of Bidel Group.

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